Her: Scene Analysis Script

0:07-0:12 [shower scene] “In this scene of Her, Samantha tells Theodore that he is NOT the only person she talks to. Taking a shower is a reflective process for Theodore, as he thinks back on his relationship with an OS.

0:20-30 [elevator] Then the color scheme changes. Instead of bright, vibrant colors, Theodore is wearing a plain white dress shirt and a bland jacket, showing how numb he is. As he walks out, we see that everything, including the color of the room, is washed out and pale.

0:30 –1:14 [book] There’s a sense of irony here as he receives the book of his love letters from Samantha. … It’s ironic because he thinks he knows what love is, being in a relationship with an OS, and yet, he writes artificial love letters for a living. … Another thing to note is that he’s flipping the pages from the rear of the book to the front. As a symbol of his life situation, he is going back to the beginning.

1:42-1:56 [elevator] Jonze tries to make the audience feel Theodore’s pain through his lack of communication and his presentation. As he goes up in the elevator, he looks up as if he’s hit rock bottom and the only direction he can go is up.”

Her: Scene Analysis Script

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